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IT Security 
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$21,839 more

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Profile 1. Date Entered: 16th Apr 20 Report This Entry

IT Security lead

Wellington, $153,500 show more

Profile 2. Date Entered: 30th Mar 20 Report This Entry

security engineer

Auckland, $10,000 show more

Profile 3. Date Entered: 7th Mar 20 Report This Entry

Principal Security Consultant

Sth Island - Other, $150,000 show more

Profile 4. Date Entered: 29th Jan 20 Report This Entry

Cyber security consultant

Auckland, $50,000 show more

Profile 5. Date Entered: 26th Jan 20 Report This Entry

head of security team

Auckland, $115,000 show more

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25% of your peer group makes less than 85,000

25% of your peer group makes 85,000 - 110,000

25% of your peer group makes 110,000 - 133,500

25% of your peer group makes more than 133,500